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Clear Biz combines all of the office management tools into
one easy-to-use package for Accounting Professionals to
help them run and grow their practice.
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Client Tasks
View & Organize All of Your Clients' Tasks in One Place
Assure your clients that they will never miss another deadline again. With Clear Biz's Tasks
Management section, you can view and organize all of your clients' tasks in one place. Clear Biz
makes it easy to quickly setup and schedule your tasks because Clear Biz already knows all the
Federal and State due dates. Clear Biz also allows you to setup your own one-time or recurring
tasks for easy allocation to clients in which you can apply and save the task schemes to your
clients in the future.
Our Calendar View allows you and your staff to view and organize the workload at a glance.
Whether you handle remittances on your clients' behalf or are smiply notifying them of upcoming
deadlines, Clear Biz's Tasks feature will become an invaluable asset in your office.
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Tasks Features:
• Our powerful search and query feature means you can view what is due at any point in time
   and look for the tasks you are interested in.
• Easily allocate tasks to your staff and have them view it instantly.
• Flag priority items and problems so everyone can view the status of different tasks at a glance.
• View your office's workload quickly.
• Add columns of important information to your tasks list.
Scheduling Your Tasks
Clear Biz includes built-in federal and state due dates, so you can easily schedule government
returns and payments for all of your clients. Also, you can customize any information by clicking
on the tasks.
Schedule Tasks Screenshot
Determining What Tasks Columns Are Visible
Clear Biz allows you to quickly view all of your clients' tasks that are due based on any criterias
such as flag information, column names and more.
View & Hide Columns Screenshot
Easily Search Your Clients' Tasks
Clear Biz's 'Advanced Search' tool allows you to quickly view the tasks that are important to you by
date,type, and employee assigned.
Search Tasks Screenshot
Viewing Your Own and Staff's Workload
Calendar View allows you to quickly see and organize your staff's workload by using the
'drag 'n drop' method on the tasks.
Tasks Calendar Screenshot
Create Custom Tasks Schemes Specific To Your Practice
Clear Biz allows you to easily schedule all the other custom tasks and projects you do for your
clients by creating and saving your common tasks in schemes as one-time or recurring.
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