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About Us
We are a software company that has combined all of the office
management tools into one easy-to-use package designed specifically for Accounting Professionals.
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About Us
Clear Biz started as a developer's personal project for his mother's firm, where over
the next few years, more and more features were added into Clear Biz, which by now was
being used by more and more Accounting Professionals simply by word of mouth.
Due to the popularity, Clear Biz was re-developed into a full program in 2002 and was
marketed in 2003 to Ac counting Professionals throughout tradeshows, seminars and
events across North America. We have since grown by leaps and bounds and are
continuously improving our product to provide more tools for our clients.
Who Are We?
We are a North American software company that specializes in designing practice management
solutions specifically for Accounting Professionals.
What Do We Do?
We work directly with Firms to identify the challenges they face in running their busy practices
on a day-to-day basis and we design solutions to solve those challenges. Our goal is to provide
a comprehensive solution which centralizes and automates many of the business processes
required by Accounting Professionals.
How Can We Help?
The key to growing an organized practice where you can provide valuable services and support
for all your clients is to have a system that manages all your clients' information, and more
importantly, manages all your clients' deadlines and tracks who has brought in their paperwork.
By providing a solution where your clients' information, tasks, documentation, questions,
communications, billing, invoicing and appointments are centralized in one place, means your
business has the intelligence and organization to provide valuable services to all your clients
and have room to grow.
Our Service
We want to provide the level of service to our customers which goes above and beyond what they
would typically expect from other software companies. We want our customers to be very happy
in using Clear Biz, so that they can tell other Accounting Professionals about our level of service.
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