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Easy To Install & Set Up
Take advantage of all the features Clear Biz has to offer to
see how easy and effective Clear Biz can be for you. If you
run an office, Clear Biz is easy to set up too.
Try 30-Day Free Trial Button
30-Day Free Trial
The free-trial is a full working version with all of the Clear Biz features and gives you the
option to select which edition you would like to try for 30 days from date of the download.
We no longer support Clear Biz for Windows XP.
1) Download Clear Biz
Click on the 'Download' link below. Client Track is compatible with 32 & 64-bit Windows.
Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10*
Clear Biz 6.0.712
Download Icon DOWNLOAD
Using Internet Explorer (for Firefox & Chrome, click here)
After clicking the download link above, a pop-up bar will appear on bottom. Click 'Run'.
Run Clear Biz Screenshot
A second warning may appear. Click 'Actions'.
Warning Screenshot (Click 'Actions')
In the 'SmartScreen Filter' window, click 'More Options' as shown below. Click 'Run Anyway' to
run the Clear Biz setup file (.exe).
Warning Screenshot (Click 'Run Anyway')
Using Firefox or Chrome
After clicking the download link above, select 'Save As' and save .exe file to your desktop
and then click 'Save File'.
Note: If using Chrome, the setup file will download automatically to your computer.
Save Clear Biz Setup File Screenshot
2) Install Clear Biz
After download is complete, double-click on the Clear Biz setup icon (.exe) on your desktop.
A 'Setup Wizard' window will appear as shown below. Follow these instructions:
    - Click 'Next' to begin installation.
    - Click 'I accept the agreement' and then click 'Next'.
    - Click 'Next' to install Clear Biz in the default folder on your computer.
    - Click 'Next' to accept additional tasks.
    - Click 'Install'.
    - Click 'Finish' to complete installation.
Clear Biz Setup Wizard
3) Setup Clear Biz
After installation of Clear Biz is complete (Step 2), the next step would be set up Clear Biz
such as personal information, data file setup, importing your clients, etc.
> For instructions on how to setup Clear Biz, click here.
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